Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School is the only school that is actually located in the East River Valley. It is named after one of the most prominent figures in the history of the East River Valley, Dr. W. A. MacLeod the country doctor. (Please see History and Photo Gallery for more on Dr. W. A. MacLeod).  This school houses grade Primary to Grade 8.

Information on the Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated visit http://dwam.ccrce.ca/


Some history about the school.

Official Opening of Dr. W. A. MacLeod Elementary School Riverton May 23, 1975, 8:00 p.m. 

School Sections Included in Dr. W. A. MacLeod School:
Abercrombie, Granton, Mount William, Westville Road, Plymouth, Churchville, Springville, Bridgeville, Glencoe, Sunnybrae, Island East River, Lansdowne, New Lairg, Rocklin, White Hill, Union Centre, Elgin, Lorne, Hopewell, Eureka and Riverton.

The Enrolment for 1974 –- 1975 (first year) was 721 studeants.

Staff 1974 –- 1975:

  • Principal – Mr. Samuel F. MacDougall
  • Vice-Principal – Mr. Allan MacDougall
  • Reading Specialist – Mrs. Jannette Sears
  • Guidance – Mrs. Jan Maddison
  • Art – Mr. Roland Sears
  • Physical Education – Mr. Gary Burley
  • Special Education Teachers – Mr. Ralph Downey, Miss Margaret Roper
  • Music – Mr. Stanley Chapman
  • Stenographer – Mrs. Diane Roy
  • Year One – Mrs. Marion Mahoney, Miss Karen Forbes, Miss Ardath MacLellan, Miss Marcie MacDonald.
  • Year Two – Mrs. Judith Langley, Mrs. Lynn Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth Fraser, Miss Wendy Williams.
  • Year Three – Mrs. Brenda Yerxa, Miss Trudy Mahoney, Mrs. Rose Maltby, Mrs. Nancy Wilson.
  • Year Four – Mr. Fred Jeffery, Mrs. Greer Robbins, Mrs. Elizabeth MacKenzie, Miss Elizabeth Dunbar.
  • Year Five – Miss Margaret Ballantyne, Mrs. Della Cameron (replaced by Miss Judy Graham), Mrs. Jean MacPherson.
  • Year Six – Mr. John Carter, Mrs. Jean Nichols, Mr. Brian Munro.
  • Year Seven – Mr. Matt Kerrigan, Mrs. Mary MacLean, Mr. Phillip Avery.
  • Head Driver Janitor – Mr. Ray Holley
  • Driver-Janitors – Cecil Hatt, Karl Kaleva, Roy Heckimovich, Murray Holley, Harry Bunkle, David Bowdridge.